2330 - Go home

"No, seriously. Go home. I'm tired, it's been a lovely but tiring day and I want to got to bed... with my wife"

There will be a shuttle bus taking people home in the nearby area (Chagford, Moreton, Spreyton etc.) and camping is available for the brave.



2000 - The Orkid

Possibly the highlight of the day - The Orkid perfoming live and exclusive.

Great girl band, including daughter of the groom Sadie, who will no doubt get the party really going.

Click the image below to hear some of their own tracks.


Goto their myspace...

1900 - Speaches

Not really speaches - more like a friendly chat with some friends and the possibility of a few games!

Could be interesting...




1800 - Hogroast & Drinks

A bit of grub, including some veggie options for the pale and wan amongst us, and some ale and wine provided by both mums.


1730 - Repair to Gidleigh Village Hall

A nice 2 mile walk for the brave and mini-buses for the sensible.

All at the church invited to join us for some food and a celebratory drink (or two).



1600 - Throwleigh Church

A beautiful little church but should be room for us all. Bells, if we can plan it, and a bit of a sing song. You will find the two hymns on your Invitation CD - get some practice.


1500 - The Northmore Arms

The plan is to meet here for a few drinks and to get into the wedding spirit. It is a short walk down the lanes, about one mile, to Throwleigh Church. Quite fitting for us - we met on a Dartmoor walk - and weather permitting it could be rather nice.

If you don't fancy the walk, or it is hammering down, there are shuttle buses provided.




On The Day...
Meet at the Northmore Arms
Make way to Throwleigh church
Get hitched
Repair to Gidleigh Village Hall
Hogroast & Drinks
Quick chat and some fun
Live Music - The Orkid
Bus shuttle begins


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